Testimonial Services

Testimonial Services

Testimonial Services
 “Dot Print (Pvt) Ltd is approved vendors for the supply of paper/board based printed packaging 
  material to Asian Food for the last Five decades.   
  They have been consistent in their performance and competitiveness and have been reacted well to 
  the changing needs of the market and customers."
 “This is to certify that Dot Print (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore is our one of the most esteemed supplier 
  for all types of printed packaging materials. We have found that Dot Print (Pvt) Ltd is reliable 
  manufacturer of printed packaging materials. We are associated with them for more then 3 years. 
  During this period we found their quality, facility extremely satisfactory, We also appreciate 
  this company for continuously upgrading machineries and standards to match current requirements”
 “This is to certify that Dot Print (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore is one of our approved vendors for supplying
  of printed packaging materials for our domestic market.
  We have been associated with each other since 2007 and they continue to meet our requirements in 
  terms of quality & service. Their factory is upgraded with latest machineries to meet the modern 


March 11th, 2022

Finding the appropriate colour in the realm of printing is far from an exact science. Each ink and printing procedure pr..[]

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