Title of the Post: CMYK Printing – One of the biggest terms in printing industry
March 11th, 2022

Finding the appropriate colour in the realm of printing is far from an exact science. Each ink and printing procedure produces somewhat different results, making it difficult to match the colours of a new project to those of a prior one. Fortunately. CMYK printing produces highly similar and high-quality output. With all you need to know about CMYK, here’s an inside look at the most popular printing method.

Why CMYK Printing?

At first glance, using CMYK for printing does not appear to make much sense, does it? From an early age, we’ve all been taught that there are three main colours: red, green, and blue, and that by mixing these colours in various combinations, we can create any colour of the rainbow. Even small red, green, and blue pixels are used on television displays and computer monitors to duplicate the images and movies we see every day. So, why would printers not use the same RGB scheme as the rest of the world?

There’s a legitimate explanation for this: colour reproduction on a computer screen differs from print. RGB-mixed colours are lighter, which is great for projection on a dark screen, but RGB-derived colours appear very differently in print. Because RGB is an additive process, applying inks to a piece of paper to duplicate a colour makes it nearly impossible to produce lighter colours.

How is Dot print utilizing CMYK Colour Design?

Dot print ensures that color representation is correct whether you’re printing business cards, brochures, marketing flyers, or corporate communications like quarterly profits reports. Designs, graphics, and logos created on an RGB computer display will not print as expected unless they are converted to CMYK before printing, and if you have mismatched promotional materials, you’re sending the wrong message to potential customers, business partners, and anybody else for that matter.

Printing a dot as a reputable printing company, we’ll convert your RGB-created photos to CMYK before printing, ensuring that you get exactly what you want with no unpleasant surprises. Every time, you can count on a well-matched, colour-accurate, and professional-looking print run!

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